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October 22, 2010

view toward the wreck

Alejandro, our Costa Rican perma-culturist, invited me to join him for a swim out to a shipwreck that rests some 300-400 yards off the beach. A good sized portion of the hull was visible at low tide and it looked very tempting and fun to explore. Given my fear of dark water, I normally would have said no but Alejandro has a way about him that makes everything feel good and safe, so, I pushed aside my fears and decided to go.  He shared his thoughts on fear- simply acknowledge that you are a part of nature and ask the creatures of the sea or forest for their protection and acceptance.  Oh, to be so mellow.

Armed with masks, snorkels and sharing a pair of fins, one broken and both too small for Ale, we made our one legged swim out to the wreck.  Ale liked to swim down to the bottom and would disappear every so often, causing a mild panic attack on my part.  I am an expert on all things bizarre and all gruesome ways to die, so the Discovery Channel’s footage of the giant great white breaching the water to swallow a sea lion whole came to mind.  Between the beach and the wreck, we swam through greenish water with no bottom in sight- to my neurotic mind, prime hunting grounds for sharks. I asked for acceptance by the sea creatures and hoped they were listening.

As we got closer, the waves broke over shallow rock formations where the wreck had come to rest.  Happy to be in friendlier waters, we started exploring the sea floor.  There we discovered the mast, much of the railing and a good portion of the hull still intact.  Oddly colored but beautifully detailed pieces of scrap surrounded the wreck.  We dove hoping to come back with some interesting treasure. Snapper, barracuda and all sorts of fish were there for us to enjoy.  Ale managed to climb up onto the rusty piece of wreckage that stuck about seven or so feet out of the water and pulled me up to share a much-needed rest. The swim back was tiring but it was a beautiful way to spend the afternoon and a treat to share it with Ale.

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