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October 20, 2010

Today was a very special day.  Tribewanted  John Obey officially welcomed its first-footers  with a village wide party complete with djembe drums, traditional dancing, a feast of ground nut and cassava leave stews, Star beer and poyo, a local brew made from the sap of  palms.  Most memorable was the blessing of our first earth bag building with the sacrifice of a lamb by the village elders.

dancing Mata

blessing of the new earth bag building

Early in the day the excitement of the day was apparent.  The sound of the villagers practicing their drumming and singing spilled into our camp.  Women were busy cooking fish and rice over open fires.  The lamb was escorted into the village and sensing his impending doom put up a struggle coming down the hill.  A couple of squeamish tribemembers opted out of the ceremony.   This was my first animal sacrifice and although I thought it would be gruesome it was done humanely and with respect by the village elders.  Not exactly my cup of tea though.

Rasta man Peter made his first appearance singing Bob Marley songs in his Obama shirt.  This would be the beginning of Peter the Rasta stalker.  More to come on Peter.

Peter- my Rastafarian suitor


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