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October 20, 2010

Seems the thing to do here if you’re a Sierra Leonean single man is to hit on single white women.  The question always comes up shortly after meeting a man- so, where’s your man?  Answer that you don’t have one and you’re in for a long line of suitors.  For me, I had four candidates.

The Rastafarian

Peter the Obama t-shirt wearing dreadlock man with a few screws loose came into the village and serenaded me publicly singing “I Will Be Your Hero Baby”, “Every Bread You Take” and several others I can’t remember as I was laughing too hard.  He tells me rasta men make the best lovers and I have earned a special place in his heart.

The Challenger

Perfect- “I hear you are a swimmer and swam out to the wreck.  I will to defeat you and I will make a fine husband for you. So what do you say?  Will you be my wife?”

Mr Shy

Isa- “I need to talk to you.  First I will go home and bathe myself.”

Straight to the Point

Mr. Toure- “You will be my second wife.”



Mr. Toure- charmer extraordinaire

Jane, a white British lady I met at the village party is  married to rasta man Tito in of all places, Black Johnson beach.  Gotta wonder if what they say is really true since she’s been here for years.

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  1. Alessandra permalink
    October 20, 2010 12:23 pm

    At least they make you laugh!

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